Definition of biocatalyst in US English:



  • A substance, such as an enzyme or hormone, that initiates or increases the rate of a chemical reaction.

    • ‘Decontamination of soil and water via efficient biocatalysts is a promising cost-effective remediation strategy.’
    • ‘Functioning as biocatalysts, enzymes increase and control the rate of chemical reactions.’
    • ‘Critical to the success of this technology is a bio-transformation process step, using an enzyme biocatalyst.’
    • ‘Chapter 22 provides an industrial perspective on the use of biocatalysts in biotechnology processes.’
    • ‘For decades, there were only two types of catalyst - metals and enzymes - but since 1986 two new classes of biocatalyst have emerged along with the enzymes, ribozymes, and catalytic antibodies.’
    • ‘Thus, there must be an efficient transport system to shuttle them across the various layers of membrane and cell wall, and the outer cell wall must also possess a biocatalyst that takes care of the mineral's reduction.’
    • ‘For example, by manipulating the microenvironment of an enzyme, through solvent or biocatalyst engineering, it has become possible to modulate enzyme activity, tailor biocatalyst selectivity, and alter enzyme stability.’
    • ‘He wanted to create a biocatalyst, using enzymes to try and find applications in the pharmaceutical industry.’
    • ‘The alternative synthesis uses a biocatalyst, the yeast Zygosaccharomyces rouxii, and a novel three phase reaction system.’
    • ‘But Rath's most monumental achievement is the discovery of cellular medicine, the study of ‘the role of micronutrients as biocatalysts in a multitude of metabolic reactions at the cellular level.’’
    • ‘The simple end result is that considerably more enzyme per unit volume of fermentation liquor is produced; biocatalyst activity is effectively increased several hundred times.’