Definition of bioarchaeology in US English:


(also bioarcheology)


  • The study of bones and other biological materials found in archaeological remains in order to provide information about human life or the environment in the past.

    ‘he recommended that the skeletons be reinterred after being studied by experts in bioarchaeology’
    • ‘This book offers for the first time a global perspective on the bioarchaeology of the transition to agriculture.’
    • ‘Bioarchaeology is beginning to fill in the details of the historical record, offering specifics about how food sources changed.’
    • ‘DNA analysis in bioarchaeology is still in its infancy, but promises to be a powerful tool for identification of population history.’
    • ‘Complementing the historical data are the resources of archaeology and my own specialty, bioarchaeology.’
    • ‘Martin Jones has been at the forefront of bioarchaeology as the subject has matured in the 1980s and 1990s.’