Definition of bioadhesive in US English:



  • An adhesive substance produced by or obtained from living organisms, or used on living tissue.

    • ‘All marine bioadhesives characterized thus far are rich in such polar residues.’
    • ‘J. Herbert Waite, of the University of Delaware in Lewes reported on the role of marine bioadhesives and their tantalizing spectrum of potential technical applications.’
    • ‘This is going to need stitches but I can do the rest with bioadhesive.’
    • ‘At the moment, there is a significant need of a suitable bioadhesive for use in medical procedures.’
    • ‘As well, the porous nature of the exudate allows for the wound to breathe, a desirable characteristic of a bioadhesive.’


  • Having the properties of a bioadhesive.

    ‘bioadhesive polymers’
    • ‘We found that the daily bioadhesive buccal tablet achieved the same efficacy as the gel, but required one-tenth as much miconazole, and could be given on a much more convenient schedule.’
    • ‘A bioadhesive tablet containing the antifungal drug miconazole is an effective and convenient means of treating oropharyngeal candidiasis.’
    • ‘In other words, chitosan is bioadhesive and readily binds to negatively charged surfaces such as mucosal membranes.’