Definition of binge drinker in US English:

binge drinker


  • See binge-drink

    • ‘Making alcohol more expensive will not modify the behaviours of alcoholics nor binge drinkers.’
    • ‘I was a binge drinker at the weekend in my early 20s - I still drink too much on the odd occasion I go out.’
    • ‘He does not normally drink much but is a classic binge drinker.’
    • ‘Binge drinkers are to be shown CCTV of their behaviour in a bid to change their habits and ease pressure on hospitals.’
    • ‘She admitted she used to be a binge drinker and sometimes got through two bottles of wine a day.’
    • ‘At some colleges, nearly 70 percent of the students were identified as binge drinkers; at others there were none.’