Definition of binder twine in US English:

binder twine


  • (in farming) strong cord made from plastic or natural fiber, used in a baling machine or binder to tie hay and straw bales.

    • ‘These were dairy heifer calves, but we would only buy perhaps a couple at a time. The dealer used to put each calf in a strong hesian bag stitched up with binder twine around the calf's neck so as to leave its head out.’
    • ‘Group purchasing of carload lots of salt, binder twine, fertilizer and coal in earlier days has given way to sophisticated manufacturing and application of crop protectants, fertilizers, feeds and fuels.’
    • ‘Although the usual garb for dipping was an old mac with a sacking apron held in place with binder twine; a hat or cap was a good thing because, besides stopping some of the splash, it was useful for wiping your eyes in the event of real big splash.’
    • ‘By 1906, wire grass had been abandoned as a source of binder twine.’
    • ‘What he used to do was after he had seen a thresher at work he would ask the farmers for permission to collect the discarded binder twine that had been cut from the sheaves of corn before they were fed into the threshing drum.’
    • ‘We did play football but with an old rag ball tied up with binder twine.’


binder twine

/ˈbīndər twīn/