Definition of bind off in US English:

bind off

phrasal verb

North American
  • Cast off in knitting.

    • ‘She scans the Craigslist Arts Forum for advice about casting on and binding off and the other unfathomable stuff you do with yarn.’
    • ‘The shoulders have been short-rowed shaped and bound off using 3 needle bind-off.’
    • ‘Draw the first stitch up and over the sec­ond stitch and completely off the needle. You have now bound off one stitch.’
    • ‘I did just enough rounds to get the size I wanted, bound off, knit a second one, and stitched them together (don't ask me what stitch I used because I stink at finishing and I just sort of looped the stitches along all around the outside).’
    • ‘I just bound off some stitches for the armholes… so it is coming along as well.’