Definition of binary system in US English:

binary system


  • 1A system in which information can be expressed by combinations of the digits 0 and 1.

    • ‘As he claimed to be familiar with both the decimal and the binary systems, he only wanted to have one example worked out, 364 times 23.’
    • ‘In fact, virtually any information can be stored in a binary system as a code. Complex graphics, speech, and even live broadcasts can be generated and stored by computers.’
    • ‘I know the binary system using base two, but I don't understand the hexadecimal system using base 16.’
    • ‘Computers are based on the binary system, are completely based on the concept of yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, Griffin said.’
    • ‘Because the two states, 0 and 1, of any binary signal can be easily distinguished, binary systems are robust to noise sources, and also to variations in the transfer parameters of their components.’
    • ‘Much to the dismay of many a hardcore computer geek, our world is not a binary system.’
    • ‘I wasn't sure if the science types would be interested in the likes of me, or if they would make jokes I didn't understand about the binary system.’
    • ‘More importantly for this example, though, it is a binary system, just as a computer system is.’
    • ‘I had not known about the halting problem, the number [Omega], or Lucas's curious theorem connecting the parity of binomial coefficients and the binary system.’
    • ‘The chapter ends with a brief history of the binary system, first conceived by Leibniz, although the ancient Egyptians tacitly used it in their method of multiplication by repeated doubling.’
    • ‘Using powers of 2, we have the binary system, used in almost all computers.’
    • ‘They use a binary system; off is zero, one is one.’
    • ‘The title of the exhibition, ‘One Zero One’ refers primarily to the number of the works that make up the composite installation piece, but also makes reference to binary systems.’
    • ‘The binary system which governs information technology is one of the most ancient staples of ornamental practice, as is the mode of visual generation by pixels in mosaic and weaving.’
    • ‘Another of Leibniz's great achievements in mathematics was his development of the binary system of arithmetic.’
    • ‘The major breakthrough in computing came when scientists started to use the binary system in electrical devices.’
    • ‘Hannover has a modest track record in IT, since it was here that Leibnitz developed the binary system in 1673, and built the first useable calculator - well, that's what Hannover mayor Herbert Schmalstieg said at the opening ceremony.’
    • ‘In fact, Leibniz is said to have been influenced by a version of the I Ching during his development of the binary system that is the basis for modern computation.’
  • 2A system consisting of two parts.

    ‘the binary system of state and public schools’
    • ‘Bilayers made of simple lipid binary systems have been intensively used as models to understand the formation of lipid domains in biological membranes.’
    • ‘Although only binary systems have been considered so far, when carbon is included to make ternary systems the same general principles usually apply.’
    • ‘The enzymes look for recognition sites along the DNA software and process DNA to result in a binary system that can answer simple questions.’
    • ‘The tendency to acknowledge such familial relationships produced a tertiary rather than binary system of racial classification in Louisiana and other French possessions.’
    • ‘More and more influenced by the Movement, Clare comes to see the U.S. binary system of racial classification as a condition of possibility.’
    • ‘And a lot of times there are no words, and - or if there are words they are implicated in a binary system of English or of Spanish, and especially Spanish where the language is gender-fixed.’
    • ‘Panama inherited from Colombia a binary system of liberals versus conservatives, both of which agreed on opposition to the presence of the United States in the Canal Zone.’
    • ‘She accessed the status log of the weapon's binary systems.’
    • ‘It was the Colleges of Advanced Education, the poorer cousins of the universities in the binary system of tertiary education, which pioneered the discipline of Creative Writing in Australia.’
    • ‘Transphobia is the irrational fear and hatred of people who transgress conventional gender and sex rules in the socially constructed binary system of gender.’
    • ‘Indeed, my decision to separate Toomer criticism into two schools itself shows what seductive power binary systems have on the imagination.’
    • ‘Since the earth/nation dichotomy operates within a binary system, ‘earth’ can be used to call attention to the ideological construction of nation.’
    • ‘A key concept in feminist debates is disillusionment with such binary systems as themselves inherently patriarchal.’
    • ‘The politics in this binary system repulse Anzaldua.’
    • ‘Whose investment in binary systems and in consistency of identity would be enforcing that statement?’
    • ‘I know that capitalism doesn't exist without it, since it's a binary system in this respect.’
    • ‘During phagocytosis, this binary system combines to generate active antimicrobial peptides.’
    • ‘A binary system developed, which (not always convincingly) distinguished universities, given a strong research responsibility, from institutes of technology and colleges of advanced education.’
    • ‘Simple lipid binary systems have been intensively used as models to understand the formation of nanoscale domains.’
    1. 2.1Astronomy A star system containing two stars orbiting around each other.
      • ‘One phenomenon that theorists believe is almost guaranteed will be the resounding crash that occurs when two neutron stars, paired together in a binary system, spiral into each other as their orbital dance decays.’
      • ‘Neutron stars such as IGR J16283-4838 are often part of binary systems, orbiting a normal star.’
      • ‘The explosions of low-mass stars can be triggered by the accretion of mass from a companion star in a binary system to create classical, or Type Ia, supernovae.’
      • ‘Many scientists say longer bursts (over four seconds) are caused by massive star explosions; shorter bursts (under two seconds) are caused by mergers of binary systems with black holes or neutron stars.’
      • ‘More than 50 percent of the stars in the galaxy are partners in a binary system.’
      • ‘This is to say nothing of the gravity of the other star in a binary system.’
      • ‘In binary systems both stellar bodies orbit around a common center of mass.’
      • ‘There are dozens of known binary systems with neutron stars, like EXO 0748-676, where such bursting is seen several times a day, the result of gas pouring onto the neutron star from its companion star.’
      • ‘Yet if the dense pulsar, with its strong gravitational potential, is in a binary system, it can pull in material from its companion star.’
      • ‘Close binary systems that include a small, very dense star can become extremely energetic as the transferred mass is heated, creating pulses of x rays.’
      • ‘The inconstancy is caused by the fact that Algol is a binary system in which the brighter star is regularly eclipsed by its partner for a period of around 8 hours.’
      • ‘The challenge is that there is no way to measure a star's mass unless it is in a binary system, and brown dwarf binaries are particularly hard to resolve, because they tend to be very close to one another, and not especially bright.’
      • ‘But a black hole in a binary system, orbiting around a more ordinary star, could make its presence highly visible.’
      • ‘However, these binary systems don't contain stars of intermediate mass.’
      • ‘Giacconi, who shared the 2002 Nobel Prize for Physics, was on his way to showing that neutron stars could be bound in binary systems along with normal stars.’
      • ‘Eclipses by the Algol binary system are interesting because they differ in a fundamental way from all the types of eclipse previously mentioned.’
      • ‘Over just a few months they could actually detect the orbit of the binary system precessing, slowly dragging around.’
      • ‘It circles between two stars in a binary system, wavering in and out of nebulae, carrying its on rings like Saturn.’
      • ‘Novae are binary systems - two stars circling around their common centre of mass.’
      • ‘In most of the candidates the wobble proved to be so pronounced that it indicated the presence of something far more massive than a planet - a small star in all likelihood, orbiting its larger neighbor in a binary system.’
      • ‘Regardless of the end product, a bound pair of neutron stars or a black hole/neutron star binary system will eventually collide as the orbits decay due to the emission of gravitational radiation.’
      • ‘Elliptical galaxies typically have few large stars that could go hypernova, but are rich in binary systems, with pairs of compact stars closely orbiting each other.’
      • ‘Some white dwarfs are in binary systems, that means they are in orbit around another star.’


binary system

/ˈbīnərē ˌsistəm/