Definition of binary digit in US English:

binary digit


  • One of two digits (0 or 1) in a binary system of notation.

    • ‘In his Master's thesis, Shannon showed that these binary digits can be represented by electrical switches.’
    • ‘To achieve what we normally call full-motion video (i.e. 30 frames per second), we actually have to send 221,184,000 binary digits per second.’
    • ‘By the late 1970s, the scratchiness of Edison's invention was trying listeners' patience and scientists were developing a method that recorded sound by reducing it to binary digits.’
    • ‘The essence of any ‘classical’ computer is its ability to store information: the ones and zeroes that are the binary digits - ‘bits’ for short - of our digital age.’
    • ‘The smallest Mersenne prime is 3, or in binary digits, 11.’
    • ‘If you sum a thousand terms, the result is vanishingly close to 2, but the exact rational representation fills two thousand binary digits.’
    • ‘Each line, solid or broken, corresponds to a binary choice, a binary digit 0 or 1, if you will.’
    • ‘As you can see from table 1, all the ASCII code words are the same length (7 binary digits for Standard ASCII and 8 binary digits for Extended ASCII).’
    • ‘Group the binary digits into groups of 4 starting from the right.’
    • ‘Given the first 280,000 binary digits of pi, the most frequently occurring block is 000, which appears 35,035 times, and the least common block is 111, which appears 34,944 times.’
    • ‘Writing the binary digits in order on a hexagonal grid, spiraling out from the starting cell, then coloring in every cell containing 1, generates an image after a sufficiently large number of revolutions along the spiral.’
    • ‘It can be represented by one number or three binary digits.’
    • ‘In the Williams tube or electrostatic memory, previously mentioned, a two-dimensional rectangular array of binary digits was stored on the face of a commercially-available cathode ray tube.’
    • ‘Thousands of binary digits have been reeled off in the correct order, hundreds of random numbers instantly recalled and the order of dozens of packs of cards stashed away in the memory bank.’
    • ‘When discussing more modern ciphers, we tend to regard all messages as sequences of binary digits.’
    • ‘Shannon, in his 1938 paper, ‘A Mathematical Theory of Communication,’ proposed the use of binary digits for coding information.’
    • ‘While classical computers process binary digits of information, quantum processors use quantum bits, or qubits, encoded in the quantum states of particles such as atoms, photons and electrons.’
    • ‘The only catch is that the formula works for hexadecimal or binary digits but not for decimal digits.’
    • ‘Strings of binary digits are totally fungible.’
    • ‘To simulate the Universe in every detail since time began, the computer would have to have 1090 bits - binary digits, or devices capable of storing a 1 or a 0-and it would have to perform 10120 manipulations of those bits.’