• 1 Place (something) in a bin.

    • ‘If binning the soybeans, start at 16% moisture and aerate to dry down to an average of 13%. Aeration is required anyway for temperature control of stored grain.’
    • ‘For bins with false floors which are inaccessible for cleaning, chloropicrin, a bin ‘clean-out’ fumigant, is legal to use, prior to binning the grain.’
    • ‘I later found out that after he passed away that his flat was cleared of all the stuff in it and many - if not all - of the scripts and videos were binned.’
    • ‘If the item hasn't been claimed after some time ask the owner if s/he would be happy for you to bin it, sell it, or give it to charity.’
    • ‘Then there's the amount of really useful stuff that gets binned every time someone chucks out a PC, monitor or other electronic device - what a waste!’
    • ‘When I finally decided to bin it, it just made the whole bike feel so much lighter and turn much quicker I wish I'd done straight away.’
    • ‘Teaching design means teaching students how to stay interested in graphic design - interested enough to go back in and fix something or bin it and start over.’
    • ‘Cyprus wants its taxi drivers to bin their medallions, cover up hairy belly buttons and ditch flashy rings to project a cleaner image among tourists.’
    • ‘It's the Linotype font identifier which allows you to identify that fantastic typeface you saw in that magazine which the office cleaners binned last week.’
    • ‘Dabbing my lips with a tissue, I saw blood when I binned the tissue.’
    • ‘Satisfied that the syringes couldn't be seen through the tissue, he binned it.’
    • ‘They are truly our dustbin men, employed by us to sweep up and bin the problems we continue to diagnose wrongly.’
    • ‘Two months on and I have binned the vast array of other products that once cluttered my bedroom.’
    • ‘With the enthusiastic resistance of the main unionist parties, the Northern Ireland Office and senior police officers, the proposal was binned.’
    • ‘Three days later he binned the second brush even though he was only cleaning now after proper meals.’
    • ‘Its been a while since I put some thoughts on paper on my fundamental view of the economy/markets… just my opinion so bin it if you don't want to know about it.’
    • ‘I'd bin it if I got home and it wasn't really cold enough to wear to need a shirt anyway.’
    • ‘And the company even overcame the rust problems through binning their Soviet steel and investing in some rust protection.’
    • ‘It's time to bin the manifestos and start again.’
    • ‘The experience of eating in itself was not unpleasant, but once the wrapper is binned you come to the realisation that you have taken part in a tawdry liason with a tarted-up chocolate trollop.’
    1. 1.1Statistics Group together (data) in bins.
      • ‘Results were then binned for every 10% change in boundary position and plotted in Fig.3 A.’
      • ‘In addition to this most finely resolved binning treatment, we also combined data into 20, 18, and, finally, 15 intervals for analysis of the extinction and origination data.’
      • ‘These observations were binned to a two-dimensional array of size 100 x 100.’
      • ‘The mean-variance estimates were then binned into a two-dimensional histogram.’
      • ‘Each test can include source configurations, measurements, conditional branching, math functions, and pass/fail limit testing with binning capability.’
      • ‘To do this, each distribution was binned and compared to a reference distribution given by the average value in each bin.’
      • ‘This means that the probability of having sampled a particular species in a particular binned interval is much larger than the probability of sighting it in any individual stratigraphie sample.’
      • ‘The relationship between the frequency of cross-bridge occurrence and axial offset was binned at 2-nm resolution.’
      • ‘The arrival time of consecutive photons is binned (by software) into 1 ms time intervals.’
      • ‘Physical location is plotted relative to a reference genome, and changes are binned into 10-bp regions for plotting’
      • ‘To follow this process in single molecules in solution, photons in the bursts were binned according to the time that elapsed from the initiation of the single-particle fluorescence burst.’
      • ‘The different aneuploid types were then binned into the same genome content classes used for the progeny of the CCC and CWW triploids.’
      • ‘Data from many such events were binned in 0.5 pN intervals, and the average motor speed and force were calculated.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, each of these data binning schemes produce dynamical patterns that are fundamentally similar in the variation of extinction and origination probabilities over the studied time span.’
      • ‘The measured end-to-end distances and the bend angles were binned in 10% intervals, and graphed as histograms.’
      • ‘Binning, Minimum Abundance Matrix, and Sample Distribution.-To make possible our remaining analyses from two, partially overlapping data sets, we streamlined the process by binning the data.’
      • ‘The ESTs were binned into clusters with the program Fragment Assembly System (Accelrys).’
      • ‘The numbers of links to other domains in such graphs were logarithmically binned, and frequencies were thus obtained.’
      • ‘Corrected data was binned with 5-nm steps along the emission wavelength axis in an appropriate range to reduce data size.’
      • ‘The RI lines were binned into genotypic pools to isolate the effects of the major QTL on chromosome 5 while holding the minor QTL constant.’
      • ‘Periods were binned into 15-min intervals, labeled with the upper period bound of the interval.’
      • ‘The software automatically binned the data across gels and generated fragment presence/absence strings for the two segregating alleles produced by each primer set.’
      • ‘Although this meant losing information due to binning quantitative data, it increased the power of the method to describe a large range of morphological variation and large patterns in evolutionary history.’
      • ‘A series of image frames was acquired at intervals of 3 s, with binning pixels 2 × 2, under computer control.’