Definition of billbug in US English:



  • A typically large weevil that feeds on various grasses and grains.

    Genus Sphenophorus, subfamily Rhynchophorinae, family Curculionidae: numerous species, including the maize billbug (S. maidis), which can cause serious damage to corn plants and can harm or kill poultry by clamping onto the bird's throat or tongue

    • ‘Treat both chinch bug and billbug with Dursban.’
    • ‘The endophytes make Turf Alive! lawns invulnerable to webworms, billbugs, armyworms, cutworms, aphids and some weevils.’
    • ‘If oblong holes in the leaves are detected and the pest is not found, the damage is probably from billbugs.’
    • ‘As its name implies, Cruiser Extreme Pak BB / CRW has a higher insecticide rate, which adds control of billbug and corn rootworm.’
    • ‘Billbugs have been reported as serious pests of lawns and other turf areas since the late 1800's’