Definition of bilker in US English:



  • See bilk

    • ‘You're the best bilker I've ever had to deal with - and I want that floating gin palace of yours out of here - today.’
    • ‘Forget, too, the way you are forced to pay when you order rather than at the end of a meal even if it does suggest that you're a suspected bilker.’
    • ‘The corporate circus is back in town, this time with a whole new parade of bilkers, finaglers, and defrauders to entertain us with their convoluted antics.’
    • ‘Whether or not an herbalist can get a better deal from the apothecary than the average joe is entirely up to the GM, but the herbalist can weed out the snake oil salesmen and bilkers, finding the best remedies for the group at the lowest prices.’
    • ‘And even if checkbook bilkers are later caught, convictions are hard to get because many suspects cannot be identified to the satisfaction of courts.’