Definition of bilinear in US English:



  • 1rare Relating to or contained by two straight lines.

  • 2Relating to or denoting a function of two variables that is linear and homogeneous in both independently.

    • ‘Along with a team of mathematicians, Gottman has developed what he calls bilinear influence functions.’
    • ‘A bilinear model was fitted to the relationship between N AL and N IL, using the iterative optimization technique of TBL Curve.’
    • ‘Twonode axisymmetric shell elements were used to discretize the cortical region bounding the cell, with two displacement and one rotation degree of freedom per node, consistent with the bilinear elements used for the cell interior.’
    • ‘Each image was shifted in the opposite direction, using bilinear interpolation to estimate the intensity of fractional pixel positions.’
    • ‘We did not explore the effects of the bilinear coupling model contribution to the free energy; our results strictly pertain to the cubic coupling model.’
    • ‘Some viewed this as a combination of bilinear and trilinear filtering and dubbed it ‘brilinear.’’
    • ‘He also advanced the theory of bilinear and quadratic forms.’
    • ‘At least bilinear filtering makes texture maps look like globs of blurry pixels.’
    • ‘A bilinear coupling contribution should also be included if the solvent environments on opposite sides of the membrane are not identical.’
    • ‘By utilizing the type III extreme pathways, the loop law can be implemented in flux balance without needing to perform a bilinear optimization.’
    • ‘The intensity at each vertex was estimated with bilinear interpolation of the nearest four pixels.’
    • ‘Textures: Set to nearest point for fastest performance, or bilinear / trilinear for decent quality without too much of a performance hit.’
    • ‘Similar to pollen germination, the modified bilinear function described the response of pollen tube length to temperature.’
    • ‘The transfer velocities predicted by the bilinear steady wind relationship for U 10-1 are virtually identical to the theoretical predictions for transfer across a smooth surface.’
    • ‘The method of Beard et al. involves a bilinear constraint on fluxes and free energies, resulting from implementation of the second law of thermodynamics.’
    • ‘Bromwich also made useful contributions to quadratic and bilinear forms and many consider his algebraic work to be his finest.’
    • ‘D' Ovidio also included in these lectures results of Veronese on projective geometry and of Weierstrass on bilinear and quadratic forms.’
    • ‘According S3, this technique has the same memory bandwidth impact as bilinear filtering.’
    • ‘He introduced and developed two fundamental methods, which could be briefly described as ‘the bilinear form technique’ and ‘the mean value theorem’.’
    • ‘IBE uses bilinear mapping on elliptic curves to obtain an algorithm that can be used to turn a simple, well recognized identity or role into a public/private key pair.’