Definition of bilateral symmetry in English:

bilateral symmetry


  • The property of being divisible into symmetrical halves on either side of a unique plane.

    • ‘Curiously, bilateral symmetry - and thus the developmental ‘trick’ that makes it possible - seems to have evolved numerous times, independently.’
    • ‘Exhibiting external bilateral symmetry about a vertical midline, the human body consists of two enantiomorphs - the right and left sides.’
    • ‘Detecting bilateral symmetry requires the ability to integrate information across an image, because corresponding activity must be found at symmetrical locations across a putative symmetry axis.’
    • ‘It is easy to be biased by bilateral symmetry and assume that a centralized nervous system is necessary for any integrative nervous system function.’
    • ‘All possible symmetries are explored, but the most common is bilateral symmetry.’
    • ‘These were mentioned in the introduction: mesoderm and bilateral symmetry.’
    • ‘Therefore, whether subsistence activities involve reliance on one limb more than another or both limbs equally, this should be reflected in measures of bilateral symmetry.’
    • ‘Agricultural females, in particular, showed a clear, although not statistically significant, increase in upper arm robusticity and bilateral symmetry when compared with preagricultural females.’
    • ‘In contrast, when stimuli contain bilateral symmetry, observers' results are consistent with a viewpoint-invariant representation, rather than a viewpoint-dependent representation.’
    • ‘The variations in femur morphology and bilateral symmetry observed among the three sample groups are not statistically different.’
    • ‘Emerging evidence suggests that women may also have evolved preferences for mates displaying indicators of good genes such as facial masculinity and bilateral symmetry.’
    • ‘Also, protohistoric males exhibit a tendency toward greater bilateral symmetry in humerus dimensions in comparison with preagricultural and earlier agricultural groups, a trend seen in agricultural females as well.’
    • ‘One such indicator is the degree of deviation from bilateral symmetry of faces and bodies.’
    • ‘The subject's bilateral symmetry may be exploited to determine the full 360° of relative aspect for any anatomical region having a left and right component.’
    • ‘Another trait that may indicate male quality is fluctuating asymmetry, which is measured as small random deviations from bilateral symmetry in morphological traits.’
    • ‘With few exceptions, animal color patterns show a high degree of bilateral symmetry in shape of pattern elements.’
    • ‘Pronounced changes in bilateral symmetry occurred in males during the protohistoric period, indicating their possible increased involvement in agricultural activities.’
    • ‘Corallites with bilateral symmetry in the adult stage.’
    • ‘Ours, however, is closed along the plane of bilateral symmetry, resembling the two closed valves of a bivalve rather than being flattened.’
    • ‘Men who exhibit hypothesized fitness indicators, such as high levels of bilateral symmetry, are selected more often by women as affair partners than men with lower levels of symmetry.’


bilateral symmetry

/ˌbaɪˈlædərəl ˈsɪmətri/