Definition of bikini wax in US English:

bikini wax


  • A cosmetic treatment in which unwanted pubic hair is removed from the bikini line by applying hot wax and then peeling off the wax and hair together.

    • ‘In fact, I've had about a half dozen bikini waxes.’
    • ‘The resort is also considering introducing mandatory bikini waxing for men, in a bid to prevent unsightly hair from being on display.’
    • ‘Beauty salon owners in America have won their battle to overturn plans that would have banned bikini waxes.’
    • ‘I got my first bikini wax last Tuesday.’
    • ‘I happen to like the woman who administers my bikini waxes.’
    • ‘At the salon, she chose the Hollywood bikini wax, every single pubic hair removed.’
    • ‘We discuss hair colour and bikini waxes in great detail.’
    • ‘By the way, people, I've been trying to find a place in Montreal that does Brazilian bikini waxes for a reader who has asked me several times.’
    • ‘We could all be going to our local beauticians to get it done along with a bikini wax.’
    • ‘I hate getting a bikini wax.’
    • ‘She is, however, also the writer of a "celebrated account of bikini waxing".’
    • ‘She also discovers that the pain of a gunshot wound to the chest can't begin to compare to the agony of a bikini wax.’
    • ‘They're happy to give you a picture-perfect bikini wax.’
    • ‘My first resolution was to never, ever, attempt a home bikini wax again.’
    • ‘Maybe I need a personal trainer, a Brazilian bikini wax and laser hair removal.’
    • ‘It wasn't the first bikini wax I've ever endured.’
    • ‘Did you hear Marcia got a bikini wax just for this dance?’
    • ‘Given the vogue for bikini waxes that leave you with a mere pencil-thin line, you could probably do without pants at all.’
    • ‘Rumour has it that metrosexual men have started getting bikini waxes.’
    • ‘Tomorrow I might go for a bikini wax.’