Definition of bike shorts in English:

bike shorts

plural noun

  • Skintight knee-length shorts made of a stretch fabric, of a kind originally designed to be worn by cyclists.

    • ‘I'm wearing a pair of beat-up running shoes and wool socks, with just a T-shirt and shorts over my bike shorts.’
    • ‘Always wear a helmet, gloves, shatterproof sunglasses and padded bike shorts.’
    • ‘"I'm wearing two pairs of bike shorts," Bart said, tugging on the shorts clinging to his long legs.’
    • ‘The first Friday of biking group, I shyly wheeled my bike toward a group of women in helmets and bike shorts, welcoming one another like old friends, which they were.’
    • ‘I wear a bicycle jersey and bike shorts everywhere I go.’
    • ‘Your bike shorts, shirt and socks should all possess this feature - Cycling clothing really is about much more than a goofy fashion statement.’
    • ‘Pick up several pairs of chamois or gel-padded bike shorts for your ride.’
    • ‘A woman whose bike shorts expose a large butterfly tattoo on her calf fills out paperwork.’
    • ‘On your mark, get set: adventurist Cathy Sassin talks about women's potential and why nobody should wear bike shorts.’
    • ‘I know I'm at the right place because the clotheslines are sagging with bike shorts and jerseys.’
    • ‘My pair of sleek, stylish and always sexy Lycra bike shorts that I was sporting only weeks ago have been traded in for sweatpants and a fleece.’
    • ‘His trepidation at disrobing completely in a residential neighborhood in 41 degree Minnesota fall weather to change into bike shorts was tempered by his desire to protect his area from the sure pounding it was likely to receive.’
    • ‘I always found bike shorts, foundation garments, and the like a bit too heavy for me.’
    • ‘Crash Pads and ASI both make very effective underwear-style hip pads, which are like bike shorts with pads on the hips.’
    • ‘Suddenly, I realized how ridiculous I looked, how monstrously huge I was in my spandex bike shorts and oversized t-shirt.’
    • ‘A lunatic officer in bike shorts started yelling.’
    • ‘You wore bike shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish.’