Definition of bike path in US English:

bike path


  • A path or road for bicycles and not motor vehicles.

    • ‘She biked up the main road and than went down a small bike path that brought her by the hospital.’
    • ‘Long term, Struzzi said, a study is underway to possibly relocate the road onto an existing bike path nearer the Allegheny River.’
    • ‘In the summertime, try Cook County's forest reserve, which offers a great bike path that winds 15 miles through fields and tree-shaded woods.’
    • ‘There was a paved and well-marked bike path alongside the road.’
    • ‘I got really good at getting lost, then making a U-turn and getting oriented again, thanks to the prolific road and bike path signs there.’
    • ‘Today I was riding my bike down St Kilda Road in the bike path when a guy opened his van door and I went straight into it.’
    • ‘‘I hope you have pictures,’ said the smiling old woman on the bike path the other day.’
    • ‘Yesterday in Poughkeepsie I search for a bike path along the Hudson River.’
    • ‘One of the first major sights along the bike path are the Totem Poles, imposing in their height and number.’
    • ‘I'm strolling along a stretch of riverside bike path when a bicyclist approaches from behind.’
    • ‘Walked through the woods for more than two hours at a fast clip, stepping quickly along the bike path that wanders through my town.’
    • ‘If you take a look right behind me here at Central Park, you can see that this is a - it should be a popular bike path.’
    • ‘A month or so ago, I was in high gear on a bike path when a bird hopped erratically across the path.’
    • ‘And, while we're at it, we can save a measly $5,200,000 for cutting out federal funding for a bike path in Cary, a suburb of Raleigh.’
    • ‘A woman there breaks her leg when a wave smacks her against a wall - while she's walking along a bike path.’
    • ‘On whims, I have gone down to the bike path along the creek (where my sons also row) camera in hand, snapping away as mood and light compels me to.’
    • ‘Improvements also call for a new platform, shelter, a staircase to a nearby bike path and eventually a pedestrian overpass north at Plymouth Farms Road.’
    • ‘He promises to invest $1.5-million per year to extend bicycle paths, including completing the bike path around the island.’
    • ‘Sometimes it takes two changes of the lights before we can cross the road and that's on a bike path.’
    • ‘The good news is that the Route Verte, Quebec's cross-province bike path, a project that has been on a 10-year development plan since 1995, is 75 per cent completed.’