Definition of bike lane in US English:

bike lane


  • A division of a road marked off with painted lines, for use by cyclists.

    • ‘The sea wall bike lane was wide enough to be split for cyclists and walkers taking in the sea air and the views of Elizabeth Castle and St Aubin's Fort.’
    • ‘But only about 1 per cent of Toronto streets have bike lanes, and even potholes in the bike lane can be left for a month or two if the whole road is already scheduled for repair.’
    • ‘We have 14-foot sidewalks and a bike lane on each side, and the bridge is beautiful.’
    • ‘In these days of cell phone users driving on autopilot with one hand, it's even more important that your helmet serves as a visual signal to alert them of your presence in the bike lane.’
    • ‘Sometimes the scooters would be in the bike lane, sometimes the road.’
    • ‘You're dropping by ice cream socials where you can kvetch with other bikers about the cars driving in the bike lane.’
    • ‘A few of them seem to think the bike lane is their personal overtaking lane.’
    • ‘We were in the seafaring equivalent of a bike lane.’
    • ‘A bike lane, however, will not convince many drivers to quit their cars.’
    • ‘The driver had fallen asleep and swerved into the bike lane.’
    • ‘An avid cyclist, he's handing out pamphlets calling for a Bloor Street bike lane stretching from High Park to Sherbourne.’
    • ‘Police say the 17-year-old driver was paying more attention to his cell phone, less attention to the road when he drifted into the bike lane.’
    • ‘I was coming up to a roundabout in the bike lane, next to a line of traffic doing about 8-10 mph.’
    • ‘Yet even though there's not a car in sight, and room for two lanes either way, AND a bike lane, the speed limit is only 50 km/h.’
    • ‘A horn honked and a silver, convertible Porsche came up, the black top down, and stopped in the bike lane.’
    • ‘Yamaguchi quotes Ishimura on the devastating accident: ‘I was riding my bike in the bike lane and suddenly a car behind me passed on my left side.’’
    • ‘When the neighborhood narrowed the other road and added bike lanes, sidewalks, and trees, speeds immediately dropped to 31 miles an hour, and - without police work - have stayed that way.’
    • ‘She said she passed the plaintiff standing with his bike in the bike lane.’
    • ‘And today a campaigning cyclist was pedalling along the busy route during rush hour to highlight the need for a safer bike lane.’
    • ‘Etobicoke and Scarborough have received their first bike lanes, and a bike lane has been completed along Dundas East, between Kingston Road and Broadview.’


bike lane

/baɪk leɪn/