Definition of bikable in US English:


(also bikeable)


  • (of an environment) suitable or safe for cyclists.

    ‘bikable urban neighborhoods’
    ‘Detroit is flat and eminently bikable’
    • ‘Particular streets in New York might be redesigned, creating ‘walkable and bikable streets’.’
    • ‘Walkable or bikeable connections between houses and schools are cheap and obvious ways to breathe life into a town and reduce auto use.’
    • ‘The most bikeable areas are in green, with the least bikeable in dark red.’
    • ‘We supposedly live in one of the most walkable, bikable urban neighborhoods.’
    • ‘She would like to see Jacksonville Beach become more walkable and bikeable.’
    • ‘The future generations want bikable, walkable communities.’
    • ‘Governments, at all levels, should work to make communities more walkable, more runable, more bikable and more hikable.’
    • ‘We are going to see a more liveable, walkable and bikeable Houston, and a population that is craving that and nothing less.’
    • ‘Lima's walkable and bikeable coast spans four districts, each with its own character.’
    • ‘The US Forest Service estimates that there are 700 miles of bikeable trails in this 1,250-square-mile backcountry.’