Definition of Bihari in US English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Bihar.

    • ‘With few prospects at home, 15 million Biharis have left in search of work, competing with the poor across the country for low-end jobs and taxing the resources of more prosperous states.’
    • ‘Like Aalam, a Bihari who speaks Hindi with a smattering of Malayalam picked up from his extended stay here.’
    • ‘But, the ones who can really make an offer that can't be refused are the Indians, or, in particular, any Bihari.’
    • ‘There were Biharis from the tribes of central India, and there were some Sikhs.’
    • ‘The encounter of two Biharis in an American university campus is presented without comment, without judgment or explanation.’
    • ‘The States of Punjab, Haryana and Assam are flush with Bihari workers.’
    • ‘Similar rings are run in Karachi using Bihari girls from India or from Indian-immigrant families.’
    • ‘It has changed my life from a rural Bihari to the owner of a cab.’
    • ‘There is also an Urdu-speaking minority known as Biharis, who originally came from the Indian state of Bihar during the 1947 partition and stayed on after Bangladesh's independence in 1971.’
    • ‘Uttar Pradesh Muslims are practically Hindi-using community while Biharis still cling to Urdu and Muslims in Bengal think and use Bengali alone.’
    • ‘True the Turks and Persians no longer inhabit Delhi, but for UPites, Biharis, Punjabis, Delhi still is asylum……’
    • ‘We tend to think of him as the archetypical rustic Bihari but in his case, still waters do run deep.’
    • ‘Thirdly a large number of Muslim Bihari, Bengali and UP women come as a part of the migratory labour who marry local boys of poor families.’
    • ‘On a lighter note Biharis are champion guzzlers of Chyawanprash: they account for 28 per cent of the national consumption.’
  • 2A group of three closely related Indic languages (Bhojpuri, Maithili, and Magahi) spoken principally in Bihar.

    • ‘A similar development can be observed in the Bihari script used in medieval India for Quranic texts.’
    • ‘In recognition of this, he refuses an aspiring and destitute Bihari poet money, but pays for his meals.’
    • ‘This girl has not only managed to speak good Bihari Hindi she also recited a shloka in Hindi with proper intonation and pronunciation.’
    • ‘I look down on a row of small eateries and pan, bidi, cigarette shops where the sellers and buyers speak Bihari Hindi, not Calcutta’s native Bengali.’
    • ‘The search for relevance by the education council had meant not only the inclusion of Bihari writers like Tabish Khair among the contributors but also pieces that provided urgent social critique.’
    • ‘I don't expect Microsoft to localize Outlook for Bihari, Tonga or Swahili anytime soon, but Google is well on its way toward supporting these languages on its main platform.’


  • Relating to Bihar, its peoples, or their languages.

    • ‘The exhibition displayed Bihari folk paintings of Butlikanju and Mudrikadevi.’
    • ‘It purported to be an essay written by a Bihari candidate at the Union Public Service Commission examinations for the Indian Administrative Service.’
    • ‘Outside the capital, electricity had virtually ceased to be supplied - this despite the fact that Bihari mines produced almost all of India's coal.’
    • ‘The Katha Executive director, Geeta Dharmarajan, said Tamasha Roadshow was especially concentrating on Rajasthani and Bihari children with the main aim of improving their lives.’
    • ‘Also has the distinction of making more of a mess of Bihari politics than previously considered possible.’
    • ‘And I know that in Dhaka almost 40% of the barbers are from Bihari camps.’
    • ‘She is a leader of her community, the only Hindu in a settlement of Bihari Muslims.’


From Hindi Bihārī.