Definition of big shot in US English:

big shot


  • An important or influential person.

    • ‘Much of it deals with the ridiculous effect money has on people, and how they spend away to feel like big shots one minute, then go nuts trying to save pennies the next.’
    • ‘Often, the talk his editors wanted was from big shots, businessmen promoting themselves or wallowing in rancor.’
    • ‘The ultimate top of the hierarchy is occupied by the big shots.’
    • ‘This was the poshest colony in the town, and all the inhabitants of the area were sons or grandsons, or great grandsons of big shots.’
    • ‘And the author found half a dozen business big shots who made the same claim.’
    • ‘It was a supposedly staid gathering of local party big shots, including the deputy governor, a senator and the state attorney general.’
    • ‘A brief scan of today's TV reveals that a good percentage of the material centres around big shots ' extra-marital affairs.’
    • ‘People think I think I'm a big shot, but I've always tried to inspire them.’
    • ‘Whenever I'm on this program, you and your staff really make us look like big shots and I truly appreciate all the attention and the effort.’
    • ‘I was a big shot in the fashion industry; I felt very important.’


big shot

/ˈbɪɡ ˌʃɑt//ˈbiɡ ˌSHät/