Definition of big mouth in US English:

big mouth


  • An indiscreet or boastful person.

    • ‘Does it propose to welcome these new adherents or sympathizers by yelling in the tones of that great bigmouth?’
    • ‘I am so sick of the sanctimony of bigmouths lecturing them about the need for civility in the wake of her murder.’
    • ‘They're usually quoted only as a counterpoint to the bigoted bigmouth.’
    • ‘The author kept her word, but big mouths at the publishing house can't keep from flapping.’
    • ‘The Bull Island crew will be here on Saturday night, November 15 with their new topical show which no doubt will be poking fun at Dail deputies, shoplifting sportstars and bigmouth businessmen.’
    • ‘We are bombarded with the big mouth attitude and threats and acts of terrorists constantly now.’
    • ‘But this is the Academy Awards, where a long line of bigmouths have had their say on big issues.’
    • ‘‘I think I will shoot this bigmouth first, instead’ he told Jason referring to me.’
    • ‘A union representative came to visit the factory and the next day, Lam says, ‘all the big mouths get the pink slip.’’
    • ‘There is a picture of her on the site which could almost have been designed to portray a self-promoting bigmouth.’
    • ‘Whereas Taizjin was shy and Osha considered, Verity could be descried by critics as a brash big mouth.’
    • ‘Again, I plead political urgency, relative youth, and a congenitally big mouth.’
    • ‘If we chill dissent and stop being the city of big mouths, the nation loses something vital, even if it doesn't realize that now.’
    • ‘From this opening we learn that Bobby is intense and serious, Ricky is a cocky bigmouth who suffers for his ego, both are pathetic and antagonistic to each other, and they know how to take quite a beating.’
    • ‘And, less relevantly, Patsy's bigmouth partner has gone too.’
    • ‘I bet you a cold beer in a heatwave that most of the professional activists and big mouths posted by your organisation on this website couldn't afford a bus ticket, let alone feed an extra person.’
    • ‘Alright yeah, well those big mouths saved us a spot!’
    • ‘Let us also hope for a long silence to descend upon the thuggish bigmouth who has strutted and fretted his hour upon the stage for far too long.’
    • ‘What a dreadful bigmouth our little doctor is, isn't he?’
    • ‘And the driver had told Jonno D, Kathy's second cousin, that he was a big mouth!’
    wordiness, verboseness, loquacity, garrulity, talkativeness, volubility, expansiveness, babbling, blathering, waffling, prattling, prating, jabbering, gushing
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big mouth