Definition of big leaguer in US English:

big leaguer


  • See big league

    • ‘They talked hitting with big leaguers, and I had a chance to introduce them to Goose Gossage, Mel Stottlemyre, Jason Giambi, Larry Walker and Todd Helton.’
    • ‘His teammates included Jose Cruz Jr, Mark Quinn and Matt Anderson, all big leaguers now.’
    • ‘I occasionally hear big leaguers say before an important game that they just have to ‘get out there and have fun.’’
    • ‘Three sons of big leaguers have captured A.L. Rookie of the Year Awards, which is all the more astonishing because they come from a group that represents only a tiny fraction of all players.’
    • ‘I thought before that all the big leaguers were here in Washington.’
    • ‘‘I got most of the names of Jewish big leaguers from the American Jewish Historical Society,’ he said.’
    • ‘The Mets of 1962-when the team first took the field - were a collection of has-beens, never-will-bes, former Dodgers and former Giants, fringe big leaguers and discards.’
    • ‘Instead, he began playing organized baseball at 13 and was invited to the Houston Astros' academy in Valencia, Venezuela, at 17, along with future big leaguers Bobby Abreu and Richard Hidalgo.’
    • ‘Paul, son of former MLB pitcher Sheldon Burnside, knew of accomplished pitchers who had undergone arm reconstruction, but they were ailing big leaguers.’
    • ‘The Pacific islands - excluding Hawaii, which of course is one of the 50 United States and has contributed several big leaguers including the current Benny Agbayani, also have chipped in with at least two players.’
    • ‘Without question, the best results were turned in by Baldelli, Podsednik, Gerut, and Matsui, all four of whom proved themselves as big leaguers.’
    • ‘When we combined the film, television, and music industries, and the people with behind-the-scenes power and influence, we were able to identify 50 big leaguers and up-and-comers who made the cut.’
    • ‘All publicity was good publicity, even the negative stuff, according to our label; however much I may have contested the theory, I couldn't argue with the big leaguers within the label.’
    • ‘Former bush leaguer (when he was with Suicidal Tendencies) Rob Trujilo quits his current gig with big leaguer Ozzy and switches teams when he joins heavy hitters Metallica.’
    • ‘On Monday, the Hall of Fame and the Major League Baseball Alumni Association sponsored a ‘Skills for Youth’ clinic that featured a few Hall of Famers and several retired big leaguers.’
    • ‘Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry had similar tools as Bonds, yet it could be argued that none of these three players lived up to the high expectations that were placed upon them when they became big leaguers.’
    • ‘Yet, all he does is go about his business, showing all of us who think we are big leaguers what being a true big leaguer, as a man as well as a player, is all about.’
    • ‘During the war, I played on the special service team with guys like Joe DiMaggio, Ferris Fain, Jerry Priddy and other big leaguers.’
    • ‘There have been scores, if not hundreds, of such fluke seasons turned in by generally unheralded, sometimes even marginal, big leaguers who briefly performed at an all-star level.’
    • ‘I was soon hitting home runs like the big leaguers.’