Definition of big league in US English:

big league


  • 1A group of teams in a professional sport, especially baseball, competing for a championship at the highest level.

    • ‘He killed me in the minor leagues and he's killed me in the big leagues.’
    • ‘I actually had a cousin who was a big league baseball player.’
    • ‘Probably the last three or four years playing in the big leagues, doing what you love and being paid to do it.’
    • ‘His professional career lasted nine years, but only five in the big leagues.’
    • ‘This marks the first time Percival has changed teams in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Mazeroski and Clemente played for the Pirates for 17 years together, and neither of them ever appeared in a big league game for another team.’
    • ‘Radatz never started a game in the big leagues but, man, was he a Monster in relief.’
    • ‘Glaus was in the big leagues by the end of his first full pro season.’
    • ‘You see a lot of guys going from shortstop to second base in the big leagues, but you never really see the opposite.’
    • ‘Twenty men have won 300 games in the big leagues and every single one of them is in the Hall of Fame.’
    • ‘I was married with a couple of kids at the time, but I vowed to give it everything I had to make it to the big leagues.’
    • ‘We have a lot of young kids who haven't spent much time in professional baseball, least of all the big leagues.’
    • ‘He hit 66 home runs for Lincoln in the Western League in 1956 on his way to the big leagues.’
    • ‘Andres Galarraga was on target to club 20 homers for his fourth big league team in 2001.’
    • ‘Called up to the big leagues at the age of 19 in 1998, he was a nagging disappointment.’
    • ‘I've had some very special moments, but I'd probably say it was my first day in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Even when he was in college, Bret thought he was better than second basemen in the big leagues.’
    • ‘Playing with this team and being in the big leagues has been a lot of fun.’
    • ‘Jack McKeon of the Marlins is another current major league manager who never played in the big leagues.’
    • ‘I made an error in the outfield, but also made my first hit in the big leagues.’
    1. 1.1the big league A very successful or important group.
      ‘the film brought him into the movie world's big league’
      • ‘At the same time, both the Scottish Executive and the economic culture of this country should encourage small Scottish firms to grow into the big league.’
      • ‘My chance to really hit the big league and gain mainstream popularity.’
      • ‘Even signing on to Tomb Raider doesn't seem to have been part of any grand plan to catapult himself into the big league.’
      • ‘For Sameer Dharmadhikari this movie could be the ticket to big league.’
      • ‘When we come back, Tim Russert on his new book, the influence of his father and his transition from politics to big league journalism.’
      • ‘The two big commercial successes of 2004 never figured in the big league of winners.’
      • ‘We've met in Baton Rouge, 73 miles from New Orleans, where Morrissey is shooting The Reaping, a film that marks his ascent to the big league - big money, big noise, big fame’
      • ‘Any country that possesses the bomb is automatically admitted to the big league.’
      • ‘Two successive hits and they have made it to the big league of scriptwriters in the Malayalam film industry.’
      • ‘Aspirants to the big league may note that attractive golf gear costs at least Rs 15,000.’
      • ‘And yet, though he lacks the distinctive signature that might put him in the big league, he is an irresistible romancer.’
      • ‘Step up to the big league in web marketing.’
      illustrious, distinguished, renowned, esteemed, pre-eminent, notable, noteworthy, great, prestigious, important, significant, influential, outstanding, noted, of note
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  • 1Of or relating to the highest-ranking league in a professional sport, especially baseball.

    ‘big-league teams’
    1. 1.1 Very successful or important.
      ‘the big-league rapper was too cool to care’


big league

/bɪɡ liɡ/