Definition of big house in English:

big house


  • A prison.

    ‘he's doing a stint in the big house’
    • ‘I could be thrown into the big house in this little fishing town.’
    • ‘Unlike Williams, Lewis spent time in the big house last summer for his role in a cocaine-trafficking crime.’
    • ‘After all, Fernando's duty as a soldier would be to haul Manolo off to the big house for his political views.’
    • ‘One does what one must to conduct an Empire while in the big house.’
    • ‘On his way out of the big house he is confronted by a street preacher who welcomes him to freedom and urges him to abide by the straight and narrow.’
    • ‘I could see it with MB and frankly I predicted he was headed straight for juvenile detention and a fast track to the big house.’
    • ‘Remember when he plead guilty a few years ago, and it seemed like he might be headed to the big house?’
    • ‘I didn't even look at my surroundings as I made my way towards the big house.’
    • ‘Don't make this mistake when you first get to the big house.’
    • ‘He's knocked cold and the next thing we know, he's been sent to the big house for the murder of one of the men.’
    • ‘In the course of the book Mr. Waksal moves from charming bon vivant to a huckster headed to the big house.’
    • ‘In a failed attempt to steal a car, Cosimo is caught and sent to the big house.’
    • ‘This guy had been in and out of the big house more times then a Elizabeth Taylor had been in and out of marriages.’
    • ‘Perhaps he was in search of a subscriber list of those pent up in the big house.’
    • ‘All thirsted for adventure in the bone-dry world they'd found outside the big house.’
    • ‘The end result is that Rocky goes to the big house to await a 2,400 volt head massage.’
    • ‘When we last saw De Niro's mobster boss, Paul Vitti, he was sent to the big house.’
    • ‘She served five months in the big house for lying to investigators about a stock sale.’
    • ‘Kids with longer sentences are sent to the big house of adult prisons as young as 18 years old.’
    • ‘Aside from a temporary trip to the big house, no one becomes homeless, crazy or racked with despair.’