Definition of big bucks in US English:

big bucks


  • 1informal Large amounts of money.

    ‘Emily earns big bucks on Wall Street’
    • ‘He showed us how to use big money, and now big money has become the rule of the day.’
    • ‘How did it become a big money sport, and how have you turned it into such a great business?’
    • ‘We've not gone into the transfer market and spent big money but we've got some quality players.’
    • ‘He says he will release big money for book serialisations and buy-ups.’
    • ‘Companies pay big money to make sure that their product gets in front of the right people and makes them want to buy.’
    • ‘For some, this was a sign that money, big money, could be made by making a movie of the story.’
    • ‘If the price moves in the investor's favour, big money can be made from a relatively small stake, but huge sums can also be lost.’
    • ‘With business and sport now irretrievably entwined, there's big money in medals.’
    • ‘We were never like big, big money, but we made a lot of money and we also spent a lot on things like travelling musicians and dancers.’
    • ‘Doesn't that sort of fly in the face of this argument that big money corrupts the system?’
    fortune, considerable sum of money, large sum of money, vast sum of money, millions, billions
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  • 2

    see big
    • ‘She figured she was already in the money so why not take a shot at the big bucks.’
    • ‘And the fans have paid big bucks to see this fight, and nothing is happening.’
    • ‘And big publishers definitely want to make big bucks out of the kiddie segment.’
    • ‘That's what your boss gets the big bucks for, so pass it on.’
    • ‘We're going to show you why some bold thieves may not be making big bucks off their amazing heist.’
    • ‘With big bucks shaping the industry, the emphasis shifts from drugs that cure to those that sell.’
    • ‘The world's best women tennis players gather to compete for big bucks.’
    • ‘It's easy for some people to go out and drop the big bucks on a bottle of wine, and up to a certain point, you generally get what you pay for.’
    • ‘Free speech is of limited value when freedom to be heard requires big bucks.’
    • ‘It's a lot of pressure but the players know that and they get paid big bucks, so they have to put up with it - as long as it's not physical violence.’