Definition of biennium in US English:



usually the biennium
  • A specified period of two years.

    ‘the budget for the next biennium’
    • ‘She has served in various volunteer positions for twenty years, including the association's national president for the 1999-2001 biennium.’
    • ‘Some part-time faculty saw their salaries increase by 15 percent, or nearly $300 a course, in one biennium.’
    • ‘The forward momentum and new energy from our Convention should be carried through this current biennium.’
    • ‘Essentially, the colleges retained for the next biennium the state aid they had in the current biennium, a condition that did not exist under the old formula.’
    • ‘As we move into the next biennium, it is very important that we promote the Nurses Association as the organization that speaks for all nurses in Illinois.’
    • ‘I will work throughout the biennium to encourage nurses to submit consents to serve for elective and appointed positions.’
    • ‘During the next biennium, the Nurse Practice Act is due for sunset legislation.’
    • ‘During the next biennium, I am willing to serve as your secretary.’
    • ‘My ideals for the next biennium presidential columns are to inform, to advocate, to challenge and to question.’
    • ‘We now are just over halfway through this biennium, and I am proud to announce that the ‘Music for Everyone’ program is more successful than I imagined.’
    • ‘The Assembly has been very proactive and successful this biennium in helping the association accomplish its strategic plan.’
    • ‘First of all, the name: At this point, six months into the new biennium, the program remains nameless!’
    • ‘Thank you to the members who served on the Commission this last biennium.’
    • ‘The next step was to develop goals for this biennium - that is, what we hopefully can accomplish over the two-year term of office.’
    • ‘Because the state college system is funded on a biennial basis, the fiscal years 1996 and 1997 data were averaged to account for revenue peaks or valleys in the first or second years of a biennium.’
    • ‘The proportionate distribution percentages remained constant throughout the next biennium.’
    • ‘I see three important challenges in the next biennium.’
    • ‘The theme for the biennium is Literacy and Gender.’
    • ‘In August, the council will lay out its funding priorities for the next biennium.’
    • ‘The Board of Directors are given the authority to fill vacancies on the Committee on Nominations by considering nominees from the current as well as previous biennia.’


Early 20th century: from Latin, from bi- ‘twice’ + annus ‘year’.