Definition of bicycle ricksha in English:

bicycle ricksha


  • A three-wheeled bicycle for public hire, with a covered seat for passengers behind the driver.

    • ‘I particularly enjoyed my ride in a bicycle ricksha and shopping in the markets for beautiful hand made goods of leather, silk, wood, and fine cotton.’
    • ‘Hiring a bicycle ricksha or baby-taxi by the day in Calcutta solves the "walking" problem.’
    • ‘We departed for Agra by car and stopped along the way at the National Park (a bird sanctuary), where we rode on a bicycle ricksha.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, a private party prevented us from enjoying the balmy evening air out on the terrace where the cyclo, or bicycle ricksha, resides.’
    • ‘A 16-year-old boy who earns a hundred rupees a day driving a bicycle ricksha, led me to the riverbanks where the dhobis, or washermen, were working.’
    • ‘One young man driving a bicycle ricksha approached from the opposite direction and, just before reaching the master, stopped his ricksha, got down, stepped out of his shoes, and prostrated himself on the road.’
    • ‘The loans are used for a range of activities, from husking rice and running bicycle ricksha taxis to selling cellphone time in rural areas, according to the group.’
    • ‘We walked toward the main street and caught a bicycle ricksha to the river.’
    • ‘It's hard to climb into a bicycle ricksha if your knees are bad.’
    • ‘Modern bicycle rickshas ride through the city on fixed routes.’
    • ‘It was some distance away and I took one bicycle ricksha, which there were millions of in the streets.’
    • ‘We took bicycle rickshas from our hotel to the bus stand - two for us and one for our luggage. I guess we had too much luggage since the wheel of the bicycle ricksha collapsed.’
    • ‘It is a busy city, but the trishaw, or bicycle ricksha, is still the best way to get around.’
    • ‘He worked late most nights, flagging a bicycle ricksha in town to bring him home over the long dirt road in the moonlight.’
    • ‘At a turning, a bicycle ricksha was suddenly pushed at the car.’