Definition of bicolor in English:



  • Having two colors.

    ‘a male bicolor damselfish’
    • ‘The innovative touch for this is that the macaroon is bicolor, one side caramel, one side chocolate.’
    • ‘The second boy looks perfect with the grey jacket and the bicolour shoes.’
    • ‘No red-and-black ringed prey have been observed at the site, so birds could not have learned specific avoidance of the bicolour pattern.’
    • ‘Some have bicolor petals, such as white with a pink edge or yellow with a red edge.’
    • ‘Breed bicolor fish for good color distinction so that there is no question of what the secondary color is or if the secondary color is actually a different shade of the same color.’
    • ‘On the other hand, when mixed citrine and amethyst first started to appear, a major authority tried to convince us that the bicolor nature of these quartzes was artificially induced.’
    • ‘On his yachts the King usually flies the normal yachting flag, that is the well known bicolour flag with a blue royal crown in the centre of it.’
    • ‘Bicolor fish tended to “herd” or “nudge” dark phase fish during courtship, and appeared to chase dark phase fish during spawning rushes towards the surface.’
    • ‘This experiment is designated "optional" because it requires that you purchase a bicolor LED.’
    • ‘This includes the ensign of the merchant navy, which is a plain bicolor flag.’
    • ‘The eastern slope has numerous large oysters on the rocks, guarded by loyal moorish idols and bicolour parrotfish.’
    • ‘Dorsey's study focuses on bicolor damselfish populations and reproductive success at two different kinds of coral reef habitats in the Caribbean - a near-shore fringing reef on Barbados and a deep offshore reef in Grenada.’
    • ‘A tube containing 6 grams of alluvial gold from the Cernavaia River also has a bicolor character.’
    • ‘Dorsey chose to work with the bicolor damselfish because they are not considered a threatened or endangered species.’
    • ‘The colors cover the spectrum and there are solid as well as bicolor types.’


  • A bicolor blossom or animal.

    • ‘It was Cetoscarus bicolor, which has an orange and white juvenile form that looks like a completely different fish.’
    • ‘Ragdolls occur in colorpoint, bicolor and mitted patterns.’
    • ‘Another widespread species is the swamp wallaby, Wallabia bicolor.’
    • ‘Therefore, it may be advantageous for a large, dominant female of C. bicolor, but not C. ferrugatus, to maintain her full reproductive activity while she is waiting for the chance of takeover sex change.’
    • ‘All three varieties come in yellow, white and bicolor, and their color has no relevance to their taste.’
    • ‘In Sorghum bicolor, two cytochrome p450 enzymes mediate the biosynthesis of the cyanogenic glucoside dhurrin.’
    • ‘This was observed when two wallaby species, Macropus eugenii and Wallabia bicolor, were crossed.’
    • ‘For instance, Sorghum bicolor reduces the yield of succeeding crops such as Arachis hypogaea by producing phenolic compounds.’