Definition of bibliomaniac in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See bibliomania

    • ‘Le Prince's comments were echoed nearly forty years later by another visitor to the library, the British antiquarian and self-professed ‘bibliomaniac’ Thomas Frognall Dibdin.’
    • ‘The proper relation to books is not that of the ‘bookworm’ or ‘bibliomaniac,’ but that of the ‘creative’ reader who uses books as a stimulus to attain ‘his own sight of principles.’’
    • ‘The Bangalore-based freelance writer, is a bibliomaniac and a bibliomane.’
    • ‘Mainly I'm a bibliomaniac and I do a lot of book collecting and I have some nice books, first editions and so on.’
    • ‘The literary essays chronicle a bibliomaniac's passion and obsession with naming and collecting.’