Definition of bibliolatrous in US English:



  • See bibliolatry

    • ‘I live in a part of the country which is almost completely dominated by the bibliolatrous mindset.’
    • ‘It has valued (though we are not a bibliolatrous - book-worshipping people) certain texts as texts of knowledge.’
    • ‘However, let me ask you this: How did Jesus answer the bibliolatrous folk of his day?’
    • ‘One thing is clear to me: If biblical studies is to survive in academia, it must move beyond its still religionist, Euroamerican, and bibliolatrous orientation and offer us a more convincing rationale for how it will benefit our broader world and not just faith communities.’
    • ‘I went against my bibliolatrous regard for the integrity of a book and started do all kinds of underlining and marginalia.’