Definition of bibliolater in US English:



  • 1A person who extravagantly admires a book or books.

    ‘maybe literature doesn't really have the power that bibliolaters like to claim’
    • ‘What impressed him most was my little collection of law books, especially Folkard's fat ‘Law of Libel,’ which he regarded with the awe and veneration of a bibliolater.’
    • ‘Above all I am a bibliolater: I can read anything and everything under the sun.’
    • ‘It is worth reminding ourselves when times look bleak that we, the passionate, insatiable bibliolaters are in good company with readers everywhere who treat themselves to the hedonistic diversion of words on the page.’
    • ‘He was author and publisher, or journalist and editor, the whole of his working life, and a bibliophile, if not a bibliolater, from his earliest to his latest years.’
    • ‘Well trained in the best American scholarly library, and a true bibliolater, he was equally well equipped to establish Cornell's Library.’
    book lover
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  • 2A person who interprets the Bible on an extremely literal level.

    ‘bibliolaters would point to this passage as an amazing example of prophecy’
    • ‘He is, however, far from being a bibliolater. He recognised the presence of a human element in the Bible as well as a divine.’
    • ‘Bibliolaters are apparently willing to risk their lives and happiness on the probability that they have made all the correct choices.’
    • ‘Let bibliolaters believe that this expression meant only ‘the sons of God’ if they want to.’
    • ‘While bibliolaters will go to any extreme in a attempt to harmonize errors found in the Bible, this is yet one more example of Biblical errancy.’
    • ‘Of course you will believe me when I say that I am not a bibliolater and have no by-purposes in recalling you to the Bible.’
    • ‘Bibliolaters are notorious for not really reading the bible to find out what it means; they read it for what they want it to mean.’
    • ‘Like these two bibliolaters at my door, humanity has largely come to understand power as something that cannot be questioned and is the final authority for everyone.’
    • ‘He is a sound Biblical Critic, who prizes and reverences the Bible tho' not a Bibliolater.’
    • ‘While fundamentalists are surely bibliolaters, mainline Protestants by contrast have usurped Scripture's divinity.’
    • ‘Had the orchid seed been referenced in this text as the world's smallest seed, bibliolaters would be holding this verse up in our faces as ‘proof’ that an all-knowing God inspired the bible!’


Mid 19th century: from biblio- + -later.