Definition of bezique in US English:



  • 1A trick-taking card game for two, played with a double pack of 64 cards, including the seven to ace only in each suit.

    • ‘In the United States the most popular form is the two-handed game, known as rubicon bezique, in which four 32-card packs are shuffled together.’
    • ‘Ana called, ‘I was just asking Alexei if he wanted to play bezique.’’
    • ‘Grandmother spent her afternoons with other local ladies, mostly of her age, smoking cigarettes and playing bezique.’
    • ‘Lord Paulyn insisted upon playing bezique in a remote corner with Elizabeth, leaving Diana and Hilda to languish in solitude on one of the Grecian couches.’
    • ‘Bezique in its original version was soon taken up by the UK and became an extremely popular game in the mid-Nineteenth Century.’
    1. 1.1 The holding of the queen of spades and the jack of diamonds in this game.
      • ‘The Queen of spades and the Jack of diamonds is the bezique. Simple bezique values in 40 points. Double bezique values in 500 points.’
      • ‘In like manner, a card which has once figured in "Bezique" cannot be used to form part of a second Bezique, though it may be used to score Double Bezique.’
      • ‘Bezique is the queen of spades and knave of diamonds, for which the holder scores 40 points.’
      • ‘This same Queen cannot be paired with a different Jack, but can be used for a Double Bezique with its original partner.’
      • ‘A double bezique scores 500 only if all four cards are declared together.’


Mid 19th century: from French bésigue, perhaps from Persian bāzīgar ‘juggler’ or bāzī ‘game’.