Definition of bewilderingly in US English:



  • See bewildering

    as submodifier ‘the regulations are bewilderingly complex’
    • ‘Not only are financial products bewilderingly complex, advisors are relying on the wrong people to guide them.’
    • ‘But a simple request for a list of the 40 cyclists who have been prevented from racing for excessive haematocrit levels since 1997 produced a bewilderingly response.’
    • ‘There are other failures: the plot is bewilderingly complicated, condensed, and foreshortened.’
    • ‘Distances even to the nearest star - it takes a beam of light four whole years - are bewilderingly large.’
    • ‘Drawn pages were on display as artworks, in their original size so that one could get up close and examine the often bewilderingly intricate line work.’