Definition of beurre blanc in US English:

beurre blanc


  • A creamy sauce made with butter, onions or shallots, and vinegar or lemon juice, usually served with seafood dishes.

    • ‘I sampled a dozen fish variations, and grouper shone with wilted greens and lemon butter as brightly as it did with crunchy fresh peas, carrots, and rose beurre blanc.’
    • ‘A fresh lemony parsley beurre blanc on the side added a sharp dimension to throw the whole dish into relief.’
    • ‘This sieved sauce tastes like a thick beurre blanc.’
    • ‘If that same marinated and sauteed piece of fish were finished with a beurre blanc or cream sauce, the butter or cream would be the bridge ingredient.’
    • ‘Roast monkfish with spiced beurre blanc and aubergine is a popular dish that I put on in the summer months.’
    • ‘Hot starters are next with New Zealand mussels, a Brussels asparagus and a prawns ‘Symphony’ served with black caviar beurre blanc sauce and a curry rice tart.’
    • ‘I had the fresh fish of the day, which was a simple plaice dish served with beurre blanc.’
    • ‘At the top right-hand corner of the plate is a beurre blanc made with Meyer lemons, and at the bottom of the plate is a totally different butter sauce made with truffles, vanilla, and white chocolate.’
    • ‘We decided to taste the whole menu, so I started with a carpaccio of beef with warm potato salad, parmesan shavings and horseradish cream, while Michael opted for the warm smoked salmon latkes with endive marmalade and a caper beurre blanc.’
    • ‘The dish was rescued from total blandness by a nicely assertive ginger beurre blanc.’
    • ‘Halibut with beurre blanc, from the list of plats du jour, may sound unadventurous, but there was nothing dull about it, especially since a subtle hint of fennel enhanced the dish without ever threatening to overpower it.’
    • ‘Try the roast monkfish with spiced beurre blanc and aubergine.’
    • ‘Once you've learned to make Sauteed Sea Bass with Beurre Blanc, you have the knowledge to make a beurre blanc for any occasion or dish.’
    • ‘Drizzle beurre blanc and drops of chili and cilantro oil over each wonton.’
    • ‘Toss to coat and hold in beurre blanc until flesh is just firm.’
    • ‘We ordered the white asparagus and morel soufflé in a globe artichoke with truffle beurre blanc.’
    • ‘Who, for instance, would devote four days to making ‘Salmon gravlax and cheddar terrine with beurre blanc sauce’ for 48 people?’
    • ‘Liver is not everyone's favourite and that left the farmed salmon with an asparagus timbale, glazed baby vegetables, saffron potatoes and chive beurre blanc.’
    • ‘I thought the most delicious item, by far, was a delicate, crispy bass with duck crackling, jeruslaem artichoke and a mild ginger-orange beurre blanc which has since been haunting me with an insatiable yearning for more.’
    • ‘The scallops are slightly pan-fried and served with a beurre blanc flavored with caramelized lemon peels.’


French, literally ‘white butter’.


beurre blanc

/ˌbər ˈbläNGk/