Definition of betwixt in US English:


preposition & adverb

  • archaic term for between
    • ‘We all know about pheromones, the chemicals that supposedly float betwixt us carrying certain messages, such as sexual availability.’
    • ‘I hope that the following conversation betwixt some of my neighbours underscores my proposed scheme.’
    • ‘Having ridden the old bike over 20 years and 10,000 miles I didn't even have to think when and how to change gear and could slalom betwixt taxi and bus with graceful and flowing curves.’
    • ‘I start from the premise that it is betwixt materiality and language that the dancing body is produced.’
    • ‘‘So let me get this straight,’ said I, squeezing the bridge of my nose betwixt two fingers.’


  • betwixt and between

    • informal Not fully or properly either of two things.

      ‘the book seems betwixt and between—neither tall tale nor American history’
      • ‘In the course of my time here, I have found myself betwixt and between these two notions of education - public celebration or performance, on one hand, and private experience, on the other.’
      • ‘Expectations are rising now, and people are kind of caught betwixt and between.’
      • ‘The chapter on clients and servitors is a bit of a weak link: the subjects are betwixt and between, and the account does little more than reproduce representative inventories which invite tedium.’
      • ‘In terms of immigration, the president is somewhat betwixt and between.’
      • ‘Are you confident, or are you betwixt and between?’
      • ‘It is another film this summer that is stuck betwixt and between.’
      • ‘It ends up being a little bit betwixt and between.’
      • ‘A lot of my records are betwixt and between styles, and I kind of like that.’
      • ‘They seem firmly wedged between denial and anger - a betwixt and between state producing a sort of militant ridiculousness.’
      • ‘Gone were those wide house-lined avenues and those maze-like tunnels betwixt and between them.’
      in abeyance, pending, ongoing, in the air, up in the air, open, still open, hanging fire, in the balance
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Old English betwēox, from be ‘by’ + a Germanic word related to two.