Definition of bettong in US English:



  • A short-nosed rat kangaroo found in Australia.

    Family Potoroidae: two genera, in particular Bettongia, and several species

    • ‘He thinks the rat kangaroo moniker has somewhat tarnished bettongs ' image.’
    • ‘At the other end of the scale from the six large types mentioned above are the rat/rabbit-sized bettongs, potoroos and rat-kangaroos.’
    • ‘Though chiefly a root and fungus eater, today's rufous bettong (one of the smallest species of kangaroo) is in fact frequently observed to chew on animal bones.’
    • ‘Tragically though, sanctuaries like this are becoming the only place to see creatures such as bilbies, bettongs and bandicoots.’
    • ‘It has got wetland, it's got dry forest full of rabbits, bettongs, bandicoots, and there's lots of roadkill and sheep farming.’


Early 19th century: from Dharuk.