Definition of Betacam in US English:



  • 1A high-quality format for video cameras and recorders.

    • ‘Then there was the Israeli filmmaker who had shot an entire film on digital Betacam video and transferred it onto celluloid film with hardly any loss in quality.’
    • ‘Arrangements were made to screen films in all formats - VCD, DVD, Betacam, 16 and 35 mm.’
    • ‘Peterson - who shot her film on Betacam for roughly $85,000 of mostly her own money, with some small grants and a research fellowship - has high hopes that her film may influence other such fights throughout the country.’
    • ‘The final movie file is transferred to directly to VHS (or if you have access a high band tape format such as Betacam or S-VHS).’
    • ‘Unfortunately the UNSW books weren't weeded before they went up, so we had things like 1978 books on computers in the classroom, and Betacam tapes and ‘How to Build an Ice Skating Rink’.’
    • ‘The version shown at this screening was on three Betacam cassettes.’
    • ‘In addition to making the archival master tapes, we also make a copy on Betacam SP (a professional analogue tape format) and a VHS with time code recorded in picture for reference.’
    • ‘Wishman fans finally tracked her down in Florida and encouraged her to start making movies again on the much less expensive Betacam.’
    • ‘We shot on Betacam video, which was the professional format at that time, but it's not nearly as compatible as hi-def or Digibeta or things like that today.’
    1. 1.1 A camera using the Betacam format.
      • ‘He gives Jonas a state-of-the-art Digicam when Jonas' Betacam is stolen, but cautions him that the opportunity to film everything can be a trap.’
      • ‘We had little cameras, so different from the big Betacam, or over-the-shoulder cameras that can really be intimidating and official.’
      • ‘Treading the boards, analysing the Shopping Channel and lugging a Betacam - now there are three professions that offer job security.’
      • ‘The Odyssey entourage added to the mess with four surfers, two boats, four cameramen, two lifeguards, an emergency-room doctor, and a plane equipped with a gyro-stabilized Betacam.’
      • ‘As she noticed the glimmering red light of the Betacam camera, Neelima's hand unconsciously went up to pat her hair into place.’