Definition of beta endorphin in US English:

beta endorphin


  • An endorphin produced in the pituitary gland that is a powerful pain suppressor.

    • ‘It acts at our anterior pituitary to cause production and release of beta endorphin, as well as a major stress-responsive hormone, ACTH.’
    • ‘Whenever you can, use humor to diffuse stress (for example, email jokes to each other); laughter stimulates the release of beta endorphins, which further reduce your cortisol output.’
    • ‘Other experts attribute it to an increase in the release of beta endorphins - protein compounds that block pain and fatigue and give the body that enviable euphoric feeling.’
    • ‘More recently, electroacupuncture stimulation at the Zhongwan acupoint was described as inducing the secretion of beta endorphin to produce hypoglycaemia in an insulin-dependent manner in rats.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the almost certainly high levels of centrally-acting beta endorphins which could be anticipated in a strenuously exercised animal may well mitigate suffering at this stage.’
    • ‘The relationship between maternal relaxation and plasma beta endorphin levels during parturition.’
    • ‘But it just builds into something so catchy you have to hear it again, and any song that can trigger your beta endorphins so nonchalantly as you Stairmaster your way into inner peace is a gift.’
    • ‘Thus the investigators concluded that beta-endorphin levels may be involved in the mechanism of SIB and naltrexone may reduce SIB by blocking beta endorphins.’
    • ‘Instead it releases beta endorphins, giving a great sense of well-being.’