Definition of beta-hydroxy acid in US English:

beta-hydroxy acid


  • An organic acid containing a hydroxyl group bonded to the carbon atom next but one to the carboxylic acid group. One of these compounds, salicylic acid, is used in skincare preparations for its exfoliating properties.

    • ‘Use an exfoliator that contains alpha and beta-hydroxy acids for more effect.’
    • ‘Green tea, licorice extract, betahydroxy acids - for every new product, you'll find someone for whom it's the miracle that finally fixed their every skin flaw.’
    • ‘A dermatologist applies chemicals to the skin, including trichloroacetic acid, high concentrations of alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids, or combinations of all three.’
    • ‘This is a beta-hydroxy acid and will help to turn over dead skin cells and clear blocked pores.’
    • ‘When it comes to ingredients, salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid known for its ability to "unglue" sticky dead skin cells, is found in many blackhead treatment products.’


beta-hydroxy acid

/ˌbeɪdəhaɪˌdrɑksi ˈæsəd//ˌbādəhīˌdräksē ˈasəd/