Definition of bestie in English:



  • A person's best friend.

    • ‘Apparently the heiress needs a new bestie now Nicole is all preoccupied with the baby.’
    • ‘I don't like him, besides, he belongs to my bestie.’
    • ‘They'll work day and night to ensnare exclusive accounts, become besties with editors to ensure their clients get the best bang for their buck (placement, gratuitous editorial mentions) and sniff out new leads like single girls at a B & S ball.’
    • ‘I showered (very important), put on some mascara, took myself outside to get a little Vitamin D care of the sun and patted my dog, and then my bestie dropped by to have a quick chat and deposit a cute card and gift in my hands.’
    • ‘My two besties, who are both in different continents, and are usually very busy - too busy to catch up/reply emails/spam FBs - suddenly had a lot of time on their hands recently and we've caught up quite a bit over the past few weeks.’
    • ‘David was the hottest boy in my class and had begun talking to my then bestie, Natalie.’
    • ‘They are all rich bitches who pretend to be my besties only because I am a model.’
    • ‘Random thought of the day: I was feeling pretty glum until I got good news from my bestie which really cheered me up.’
    • ‘We started at the Ritz, mostly to get a drink and because Rand and Hank are besties with a couple chicks that work there.’
    • ‘Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller held hands like besties on the red carpet of the Independent Spirit Awards.’