Definition of best of breed in US English:

best of breed


  • 1The animal in a show judged to be the best representative of its breed.

    • ‘"He is only a puppy so I hope he can win best of breed in the next few years."’
    • ‘He is hotly tipped to be named as best in breed in the north of England by the end of the summer season next month.’
    • ‘Tender loving care has saved the show career of Luna who won ' best of breed ' for the third year running at Crufts.’
    • ‘Dog breeders Gary and Gill Gray were celebrating after their German Shepherd Lottie won best of breed.’
    • ‘The documentary claimed dogs suffering from genetic illness were not prevented from competing in dog shows and had gone on to win best in breed despite their poor health.’
    • ‘Just two years later she surprised everyone by winning one of the top honours in the show best of breed.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Joe's career as a dog trainer had really taken off when our dog Max won best of breed at the Westminster Dog Show in New York.’
    • ‘Arthur took best of breed today.’
    • ‘That rabbit won best of breed that day.’
    • ‘The Neapolitan Mastiff that won best of breed at Crufts in 1994 was later discovered to have had plastic surgery.’
    1. 1.1 Any item or product considered to be the best of its kind.
      ‘their technology is still considered best of breed and demand for their products is still growing’
      • ‘Baltimore's technology has usually been touted as "best of breed" but rather expensive.’
      • ‘However, which one of those players will claim the accolade of best of breed still hangs in the balance.’
      • ‘It's third-quarter 5.89 % total return also ranks it among the best of breed.’
      • ‘This approach is often called best of breed.’
      • ‘It will also have to persuade firms of the merits of best of breed rather than all-in-one solutions.’
      • ‘Pitman believes the alternative for small banks is to take a best of breed approach, as the major banking players turn their attention to furthering their brand identities.’
      • ‘Avdl may make it easier to manage and deploy best in breed products.’
      • ‘He is untouchable, Scotland's supreme champion, best of breed.’
      • ‘And now here we are, the best in breed, trying to stay sexy and not looking at what is most meaningful and logical.’
      • ‘As the best of breed tools are often open source, it is easy and cheap to experiment with pilot projects.’