Definition of best-loved in US English:



  • Most popular or favored.

    ‘one of America's best-loved broadcasters’
    • ‘The iconic British singer's weekly show will feature the world's best-loved songs, from the Fifties through to today.’
    • ‘This is an intriguing programme featuring global variations of the world's best-loved fairy tale, Cinderella.’
    • ‘Throughout England he is best loved for 24 lines, "Daffodils", inspired by Dorothy's recalling how they danced along the banks of Ullswater.’
    • ‘From Mary Poppins to Maria in The Sound Of Music, Julie Andrews is undisputedly best loved for her musicals.’
    • ‘As Casablanca takes its place among Hollywood's most familiar and best-loved films, it shows that popularity breeds even greater popularity.’
    • ‘The World Cup is Earth's biggest and best-loved sports event.’
    • ‘She is one of America's best-loved writers, and has published over 100 books.’
    • ‘He became one of the world's best-loved champions.’
    • ‘From inauspicious beginnings, the 50-year-old has become one of the best-loved authors in the world.’
    • ‘Cordelia is the youngest and best-loved daughter of King Lear.’
    • ‘The Birds is certainly one of Hitchcock's best-loved masterpieces.’
    • ‘The playful comedy is one of Shakespeare's best-loved plays.’
    • ‘He won the Military Medal, but was best loved for his ability to cook up "amazing" meals from nothing.’
    • ‘The Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum is a major extension to one of London's best-loved institutions.’
    • ‘He starred in two of the best and best-loved sitcoms in TV history.’
    • ‘In a country particularly in thrall to the cult of sainthood, St Padre Pio stands as one of Italy's most modern and best-loved saints.’
    • ‘In their day, these three were among the best-loved actors in their company.’
    • ‘There's no getting around the fact that coffee's best-loved ingredient, caffeine, is a drug.’
    • ‘Kingsley wrote this, his best-loved work, for his youngest son Grenville.’
    • ‘Don't miss this chance to see Oscar Wilde's best-loved comedy.’
    most-liked, favoured, dearest, treasured, pet, special, closest to one's heart
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