Definition of besprent in US English:



  • Sprinkled.

    • ‘During the absence of the moon the blue-black vault appears like a robe of imperial purple, besprent with innumerable diamonds of a lustre unknown to earth's feeble gems.’
    • ‘Entering, he saw the floor and walls besprent with recent blood, and, worst of all, the child's cradle was overturned; the coverlet was torn and all was daubed with blood.’
    • ‘While lighter still in motive is a white set, also Worcester, besprent with dusky blue flowers and slim traceries of small gold leaves and tendrils.’
    • ‘The floor with tassels of fir was besprent, filling the room with their fragrant scent.’
    • ‘What gentle ghost, besprent with April dew, Hails me so solemnly to yonder yew?’