Definition of besiegement in US English:



  • Aggressive pressure or intimidation.

    ‘the policy of political besiegement’
    • ‘This anger and frustration stems from a sense of cultural besiegement, which they are finding can never be dealt with through the attainment of power alone.’
    • ‘It just feeds the religious right's feeling of righteous besiegement while gaining almost nothing in practical terms.’
    • ‘Conservatives tend to thrive on a sense of besiegement, a belief that they're surrounded on all sides by enemies seen and unseen who must be destroyed.’
    • ‘Many also had sons, daughters, or wives who opposed the war, fueling the sense of besiegement.’
    • ‘Because political opponents do consider their antagonists competent, this besiegement is of the mind.’
    • ‘The narrative of besiegement manifests itself in both Westerns and combat films.’
    blockade, beleaguerment, encirclement
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