Definition of besides in English:



  • In addition to; apart from.

    ‘I have no other family besides my parents’
    ‘besides being a player, he was my friend’
    • ‘I had never had anyone tell me that they loved me - besides my family of course.’
    • ‘A good teacher should have in-depth knowledge and ability to think besides a good reach and aptitude.’
    • ‘The large room was nearly cleared out besides the remaining players and judges.’
    • ‘When I got out, it was silent, like it is now, besides a little wind blowing the red sand around outside.’
    • ‘What more could a woman want besides the perfect family and the perfect home?’
    • ‘What do they have, being so far away from home and their families, besides my support?’
    • ‘Do people besides your family and your close circle of friends like these songs?’
    • ‘Why should children learn about anything besides happiness and love and compassion?’
    • ‘There was no sense in trying to put the blame on anyone besides their parents.’
    • ‘There are many options for members besides the gym and swimming pool.’
    • ‘Are there other resources that you can look at besides just talking to friends and family?’
    • ‘Parents can find something for their kids on the web besides games and fun.’
    • ‘Never before had he felt such strong emotions for anyone else besides his family.’
    • ‘We didn't know for awhile whether or not anyone knew besides the top officials.’
    • ‘She couldn't remember a time where anyone she knew besides her family had seen her in a dress.’
    • ‘Was he afraid, do you think, of having potentially another name on the ballot besides his own?’
    • ‘The couple, who have two other children, still feel the council should have targeted other youngsters besides their son.’
    • ‘She had never told anyone besides her family that she loved them, not even Alex and it felt so strange to her.’
    • ‘Kim was all alone, and he was just about the only family she had left besides her grandma.’
    • ‘Candidates were asked which nation, besides Canada, concerns them the most.’
    apart from, other than, aside from, but for, save for, not counting, excluding, not including, except, with the exception of, excepting, bar, barring, leaving aside, beyond
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  • 1In addition; as well.

    ‘I'm capable of doing the work, and a lot more besides’
    • ‘All of these, and plenty more besides, are reasons to criticise.’
    • ‘She put her name to the single market, the bedrock of European union, and to several other fundamental agreements besides.’
    • ‘I still own all his albums from 1969 to 1983, plus all sorts of other stuff besides.’
    • ‘He can do that, but he does a lot more besides, and that is what makes him special.’
    • ‘All this is detailed - and a lot more besides in his book.’
    • ‘I could see there was a lot of other stuff inside there too, and a lot more money besides.’
    • ‘It's like getting a speeding ticket, paying for nothing and getting demerits on your record besides.’
    • ‘Not only do you get pictures like those below but lots more besides.’
    • ‘It is all glam by comparison, a busy street, four lanes wide with a lot of the local amenities and lots more besides.’
    • ‘Smoking causes cancer and many other nasty things besides, and I would be delighted if the entire world stopped tomorrow.’
    • ‘More often than not he lost it and a good deal more besides.’
    • ‘In my own childhood home, she was this and a whole lot more besides.’
    • ‘The ground floor is a warren of rooms crammed with every kind of device you ever saw in an ironmonger's, and quite a lot more besides.’
    • ‘Both had given heart and soul and a lot more besides to win the match and yet one was the victor and the other vanquished.’
    • ‘There will be much more besides, so make sure you are there when the fun begins at 11 am on Sunday.’
    • ‘He is the best finisher in England and a lot more besides.’
    • ‘I know you've been travelling a lot and been sick besides, so it may not have made it into an update.’
    • ‘She equaled him on the ski runs and tennis courts and was a far more conscientious student besides.’
    • ‘He knows the goals are an easy way to any supporter's heart, but he reckons his lanky winger offers a lot more besides.’
    • ‘But caps and hoods nowadays seem to be a cover for mischief and a lot worse besides.’
    as well, too, in addition, also, into the bargain, on top of that, to boot
    furthermore, moreover, further
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    1. 1.1 Moreover; anyway.
      ‘I had no time to warn you. Besides, I wasn't sure’
      • ‘She had got used to the idea, and besides, death was very much like life, only without the worries.’
      • ‘You're a guest, and besides, sleeping in a bed would be a lot better for your back than the couch.’
      • ‘Furthermore, besides food intake, other factors can also affect stool size.’
      • ‘And besides, the real reason you want a hard case is because of the unspeakable things that happen to cases in airports.’
      • ‘And besides, this rule wasn't made clear to the students in most of the colleges.’
      • ‘It's a lot more fun that way and, besides, I'm entitled to expect people to make allowance.’
      • ‘She has no idea what she possesses and besides she is needed for the ceremony.’
      • ‘That doesn't leave a lot of time for breakfast, and besides, I don't like to eat that early.’
      • ‘We used to respect each other a lot more, and besides they had a natural authority over players.’
      • ‘This seemed a satisfactory explanation - now we could continue; besides I was starting to go numb.’
      • ‘No one would look there and besides, the paper was too small to piece together again.’
      • ‘And besides, to be able to create emotions with writing is formidable as it is.’
      • ‘I cannot afford black market fuel and besides, I have no idea where to get it!’
      • ‘So the fiber evidence is, I think, extremely weak and besides, she lived in the home.’
      • ‘And besides, if and when it does happen, he believes it will be an opportunity to improve the quality of provision.’


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