Definition of beside (or off) the point in US English:

beside (or off) the point


  • Irrelevant.

    • ‘It's also rubbish, boring and largely made-up, but that is beside the point.’
    • ‘The fact that the law has not been used for 12 years is beside the point.’
    • ‘Perhaps you won't love it with such disturbing ardour as me, but that's beside the point.’
    • ‘That his Social Security proposal wasn't going anywhere was almost beside the point.’
    • ‘I don't support the occupation myself, but that's beside the point.’
    • ‘Whether we believe in capital punishment is beside the point, presumably those running these prisons think it's a fine idea.’
    • ‘What happens to the fans in a particular city is beside the point.’
    • ‘But any such intuition is utterly beside the point, irrelevant as well as impolite.’
    • ‘Frankly, this sort of literary speculation is largely beside the point.’
    • ‘The case naturally provoked a lot of commentary, much of it beside the point.’
    irrelevant, immaterial, unimportant, not to the point, neither here nor there, nothing to do with it, not pertinent, not germane, off the subject, inapposite, inconsequential, incidental, pointless, out of place, wide of the mark, unconnected, peripheral, tangential, extraneous, extrinsic
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