Definition of berylliosis in US English:



  • Poisoning by beryllium or beryllium compounds, especially by inhalation causing fibrosis of the lungs.

    • ‘Given this individual's occupational history, she was referred to our clinic for induced sputum analysis and for the beryllium lymphocyte transformation test, to rule out a possible misdiagnosis of silicosis / berylliosis.’
    • ‘The diagnosis of berylliosis (beryllium disease) is based on the person's history of exposure to beryllium, the symptoms, and characteristic changes on a chest x-ray.’
    • ‘Beryllium was used as an agent to prolong the life of fluorescent light bulbs in the 1930s but was found to be a cause of acute and chronic berylliosis in the mid 1940s.’
    • ‘Ventilators can help patients with acute berylliosis breathe.’
    • ‘Berylliosis occurs in both acute and chronic forms. In some cases, appearance of the disease may be delayed as much as 20 years after exposure to beryllium.’