Definition of berthing in English:



  • 1The action of mooring a ship.

    ‘as soon as the berthing was complete, they went ashore’
    • ‘The wall will provide for the berthing and clearance operations of container ships with lengths of up to 350 m.’
    • ‘Prior to simulating the berthing of ships at both sites, the berthing areas were carefully compared to the model cell and grid dimensions.’
    • ‘Although the berthing was delayed slightly due to some minor technical problems, all of the personnel on the ship eagerly anticipated the reunion with family and friends, many of whom they had not seen since March.’
    • ‘The berthing was not the best as there was a solid swell pushing into the bay.’
    • ‘The berthing was successful, but if the vessel was to be used on the route, a barrier which is designed to segregate passenger and vehicle traffic will have to be moved to accommodate the loading and unloading of heavy vehicles.’
    • ‘The berthing was carried out safely and the vessel was secured at 0135.’
    • ‘This property enjoys the luxury of having Lough Corrib at its rear where ample opportunity is available for the berthing of a boat.’
    • ‘The berthing was described as routine and neither tug had to use excessive force to handle the barge.’
    • ‘This valuable handbook for practicing engineers covers the design of marine structures for the berthing, mooring, and repair of vessels.’
    • ‘The ship did not capsize, there was no explosion on board, the berthing was clean and contained, and the environment was saved from toxic spill.’
    • ‘Every Pilot shall obey the directions of the Harbour Master as to the berthing of vessels under his charge, and in case of neglect or refusal so to do, he shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding £5, or to suspension or dismissal.’
    • ‘The announcement came through as news unfolded that a pier is to be put in place before Christmas which will help facilitate the berthing of fishing boats in the harbour.’
    • ‘In my judgment it cannot be sensibly be read as applying to events subsequent to the vessel's first berthing at a port.’
    • ‘Entertainers from all over the world will take part in the city-wide entertainment that will accompany the berthing of the ships in the city - all in the original berths taken by tall ships decades ago.’
    • ‘The berthing was completed and it is not known how badly the tug and float were damaged.’
    • ‘To mark the 90th anniversary of the Titanic's brief berthing two miles from the town's main pier, a weekend of commemoration is being held by Cobh Town Council.’
    • ‘In this case the Master is adamant that the berthing was quite normal and that the fender was damaged prior to the arrival of his ship.’
  • 2Mooring position; accommodation in berths.

    ‘there were more than 12 miles of berthing’
    • ‘The vessel will be designed to operate using existing berthing and loading facilities on the Rhine and Danube.’
    • ‘The Marine Institute Report also recommends that seasonal berthing facilities be provided.’
    • ‘The division is now operating on the 800-acre marine terminal at Jacksonville, which has a mile of continuous berthing and is one of the largest terminals on the east coast.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the company has unveiled a £200,000 redevelopment of berthing facilities at the bay, which it says now boasts the most modern marina on the lake.’
    • ‘Future work will involve creating a canal basin between Park Bridge and the railway bridge, providing berthing facilities.’
    • ‘The application before the council proposes a new harbour basin to the seaward side of the existing harbour which would include a berthing quay.’
    • ‘The shortage of sheltered safe berthing forces commercial craft to moor off in stormy conditions with potentially hazardous transfers in open boats.’
    • ‘The key findings of the report show the lack of berthing facilities is hampering further development, as well as the need for ancillary facilities.’
    • ‘‘We need a spacious place for passenger vessels to dock instead of the current crowded berthing place, which also plays host to a fish auction,’ he said.’
    • ‘The Beauport, for instance, had to remain in the channel on Friday for an hour and a half awaiting berthing space.’
    • ‘The new harbour will have an extensive berthing quay, which will be for the larger draft boats in the fishing fleet and other big fishing vessels that wish to berth there.’
    • ‘For ordinary boaters who just enjoyed a quiet cruise, moorage space at other marinas and clubs was not available for some years into the future, including dry berthing.’
    • ‘We need a landing and a berthing port, until such time as a port in the area can facilitate such vessels.’
    • ‘The berthing piers would remain as a permanent feature of the development of tourism in St Lucia.’
    • ‘It is pointed out that there is no intermediate berthing place for these luxury vessels from the Gulf to the Far East.’