Definition of Bernoulli's principle in US English:

Bernoulli's principle


  • The principle in hydrodynamics that an increase in the velocity of a stream of fluid results in a decrease in pressure. Also called Bernoulli effect or Bernoulli theorem.

    • ‘In one mechanism, a high rate of water flow may reduce the pressure within the channels according to Bernoulli's principle.’
    • ‘Things that anyone would be interested in knowing, like Bernoulli's principle is when the shower curtain comes in on you and sticks to you… General stuff that makes physics fun, especially for people who don't like math.’
    • ‘Bernoulli's principle is basically a statement of the law of conservation of energy written for the movement of a fluid such as air.’
    • ‘Bernoulli's principle can also be demonstrated in the flow of fluids through pipe.’
    • ‘Arterial blood flow follows the physical principles of fluid dynamics as described in Bernoulli's principle.’


Named for Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli (1700–82).