Definition of Berkeleianism in US English:



  • See Berkeley, George

    • ‘Mach does not ask himself such embarrassing questions when he mechanically jumbles fragments of Berkeleianism with the views of natural science, which instinctively adheres to the materialist theory of knowledge.’
    • ‘We might call it a neo-Berkeleian argument, but I think it is close enough to Berkeley's intentions to just call it plain vanilla Berkeleianism.’
    • ‘Even such pillars of Berkeleianism as the likeness principle were anticipated by the skeptics.’
    • ‘No evasions, no sophisms… can remove the clear and indisputable fact that Ernst Mach's doctrine that things are complexes of sensations is subjective idealism and a simple rehash of Berkeleianism.’
    • ‘Nonetheless he helps the reader to understand where Berkeley was coming from, and throws up some challenges against Berkeleianism as a metaphysical theory.’